Youth Innovations

Engaging with our Youth

Youth Innovations is focused on developing youth leadership that supports pathways into higher education and work placement. The aim is to build youth capabilities to deliver innovative youth-led programs, projects and activities in the community.

This is done in collaboration with other Far North community organisations involved with youth and is designed to achieve long-term sustainable initiatives, and for these partnerships to enhance our youth’s sense of community and cultural pride.

Youth Innovations also works closely with other initiatives and projects led by the “Building Safer Communities” teams to ensure that gaps are addressed for youth within the wider community.

Objectives of Youth Innovations include:

  • Identifying and understanding the needs of youth through active engagement
  • Strengthening the Youth Voice
  • Supporting Youth Leadership Development
  • Developing a positive youth media strategy
  • Providing employment, learning and skills development

This is done through engagement with youth, youth education, employment, workshops, mentoring, providing opportunities for growth and building relationships community wide with other youth organisations and educational providers nationwide.

Youth Innovations

Blair Kapa-Peters