Total Security

Keeping our community safe

Utilising the Collective Impact framework, the Kaitaia Community Safety Initiative was developed by stakeholders in the community who wanted ACTION through working collectively. As part of this collective project Community Crime Prevention (now known as ‘Total Security’) was designed as a Social Enterprise Pilot Project by FNSCC. The aim was to increase ‘Capable Guardianship’ of the town and to reduce dishonesty, crime, prevent further criminal offences and victimisation.

The concept was designed to forge relationships across the community with businesses, Chamber of Commerce (Business Associations), Schools, Police, Ministry of Social Development, Local Government and the wider community to achieve its results with Far North Safer Communities Council as the leading organisation.

A three pillared approach was undertaken:

  1. To have a comprehensive CCTV system within the Kaitaia township particularly focused at high risk locations.​
  2. To develop a monitoring capability – especially when there was no “Capable Guardianship” within the township.
  3. To develop the ability to deploy patrols to undesirable activity within the township to prevent offending.

Since its inception, crime has reduced dramatically, including a consistent 60% reduction in burglaries and reduction in harm to many potential victims within the CBD, commercial areas and other public spaces such as schools, churches and sports/community centers.

Revenue is obtained by offering commercial security services. The model has grown and evolved with new partners to provide new technology for improved services.

The initiative involved the set-up and management of alarm monitoring, CCTV monitoring, commercial building patrol services, security consultancy and crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED). Committed stakeholders such as the Kaitaia Business Association(Chamber of Commerce) and local businesses together purchasing and maintaining over $300,000.00 of CCTV camera technology installed at the Kaitaia Police Station and across the CBD.

By introducing accountability, high standards of service delivery, sound advice to the community, and stakeholder communication the effect was almost immediate.

The initiative has now being expanded to Waipapa, Kerikeri, and Kaikohe. Consultation with these communities has already started. This puts TSM and the Far North Safer Community Council in good stead for future business development into new areas, increasing business growth and opportunity for future sustainability and reducing crime across the entire region.

The success of the project through collectively engaging with the community on every level has made a significant difference to feelings of safety in the community with a drop in crime and victimisation.